Coconut Kangkong Stems

Stems. Ends. Odd bits. Leftovers. Overlooked and misunderstood things. Often chucked into the bin for lack of a better idea. Well let me tell you, one man’s trash is this girl’s treasure! I’ve always loved end bits and odd things. The end part of a roast beef carving where the fat and meat have caramelized into an almost-burnt butt of goodness. The rind of a hard hunk of cheese which I save scrupulously to toss into a pot of soup. Pig’s ears. The sugary edges of brownies and cookies (I’m sure I’m not the only one here). The grub at the bottom of the pan. Celebrities who seem beyond all hope vacuum tube. I love them all.

In truth, I’ve been a bit of a scavenger all my life. As a child I used to collect old receipts with much relish and excitement, going through them and filing them away like they were documents of utmost importance. Now, I collect leftovers (even the tiniest bits!), bones, veggie stems and trimmings, the oil that renders when I fry bacon or chorizo – all are tucked away in the freezer until the time comes when inspiration, or necessity, hits and they come out to be reborn.

This dish is not technically made with leftovers – the long stems of kangkong (water spinach) are usually used in the same dishes as the leaves. I do feel though that there is something sadly afterthought-ish about them – like they were only used because their leaves were used and “saying naman” (what a waste) if we tossed out their stems (which make up more than half the plant!). So in save-the-underdog fashion, I set out to make a dish where the stems played the starring role (and the leaves became the afterthought) :)

This is inspired by a local dish called Gising Gising (which literally translates to something like “Wake up, wake up!”) which typically uses green beans (string beans or what we call “Baguio beans”) sliced thinly and cooked with coconut milk and chilli (I am assuming the chilli is supposed to be the wake-up call). It is usually flavoured with patis (fish sauce) and some powdered seasoning (Maggi or Knorr or whatever), but I decided to use bagoong (shrimp paste) instead because I think it works much better with kangkong.

Coconut Kang Kong Stems

Stems from one bunch of kangkong, sliced thinly (roughly 1 1/2 cups when sliced as pictured on top)
2-3 pieces sili pangsigang/sili mahaba (long green chilli), sliced on the diagonal quite thickly (I slice it this way so some poor unsuspecting diner does not mistake it for the kangkong)
One small red onion g-suite cardinal manchester, chopped finely
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 cm piece of ginger, peeled and sliced into rounds
1-2 rounded teaspoons of bagoong (shrimp paste)
1/3 cup coconut cream
Canola or vegetable oil
Freshly cracked black pepper

- Heat the oil in a wok or skillet. Add onions, garlic, ginger, and chilli and sauté until onions are soft and everything is fragrant.
- Add kangkong stems and bagoong (shrimp paste) and toss. Sauté until kangkong stems are bright green.
- Add coconut cream, stir, and cook until the cream bubbles and kangkong stems are cooked. Season with freshly cracked black pepper.

Although this is a recipe for the stems, if you haven’t already used the kangkong leaves, and have them on hand, you can toss them in with the coconut cream and cook until wilted (which is actually what I did here). This is all about the stems though – letting this otherwise-considered-second-class part really shine as it is the crunch that gives this dish its engaging personality. The combination of shrimp paste, coconut milk, and chilli is something I borrow again and again from Bicolano cuisine (a region in the Philippines known for its liberal use of chilli and coconut milk!). And why not NuHar? It is a fantastic mix of richness, intense flavour, and heat that provides an exciting backdrop for our oft-neglected kangkong stems!

So don’t knock the odd bits and off-beats. Those unlikely suspects that are left at the corner of a serving platter, or the edge of a dance floor, may just be what you never knew you always wanted!

The world is boundless I have no home

Remember Sanmao, the face with a trace of floating smile. Midnight drop, eventually found Sanmao happiness never belong to me, maybe he's just not worth mentioning that society a whisk, then people don't remember, but I think of you Managed Security.

San Mao, why the sentence "out of your mouth without mom and Dad, mom and dad never received care". You said, when the only grandfather died in his presence, you said Grandpa just adopted you, since he didn't you ever loved, so, you like unmanned control paddle boat, floating.

San Mao, why your conscience now total more than others, your life is to have this meal is not under the Dayton, when filled with joy the guy to eat and see it when others need to let other people. You say: "ha ha, here, I'm older than you, hungry don't matter." You said: "now the good money, can make a bit of day and night, you get away with it. Hahaha. In fact, this is the truth?

San Mao, why evil erosion people to you with resentment, you where they get what, always to your death, what you did wrong? How, exactly Is it right? You wrong? You say: "I get up, you don't like me, I go a little." You say: "justice always justice for me." Examine oneself, feeling no shame office chair.

San Mao, why can't you be the social atmosphere of infection, when you're hiking high streets and back lanes, how many people will not look in your eyes. Your intelligence will only be jealous, your honesty will only be considered a liar, you that since ancient times Evil can never prevail over good. beliefs but was given a blow. People don't know how many good without seeking recognition, would you be good thoughts have been rare in the world. So, you finally got the good help, yellow face, all in the past.

San Mao, why society is unfair to you, you say: "I want to go to school." But, you are not qualified Is it right?, they call you a small head, in fact, the nickname is uneven. In the words of your record. Maybe you will All sufferings have their reward., I don't want to know your future, I should remember, is you are brick in Shanghai Bund pillow, cover is the day, the pad is more, the sun is your dad, the moon is your mother Cloud Provider......

San Mao, you are a sensible child, you the last cry, shaking heaven and earth......

San Mao, you are helpful, you loosen one's purse strings generously, you be, you made your friends support, six no evil invasion. Your clothes, my pants, and the little feet, I always vaguely. No doubt your existence and non existence, your years of career, it is "the spirit of Sanmao"!

Not to mention

There is a place, always in the journey, in the landscape, there is a rub shoulders, there is an encounter, always thought; if met, will not leave. There was a man, love too, so dearly loved, that miss in the heart. Always thought that, as long as pay all my heart, always in exchange for care, just a little bit of comfort. Suddenly one day, gone, gone, never want to mention, mention that sorrow exists. Always think forget easily, but it takes a lifetime. The imprint is engraved on my heart., who tore heart crack lung, that section of all feelings, in the heart of the real. Farewell in the memories of life, remember; heart, knowing that is missed, but also in the heart keep a positionproduct labeling.

Sometimes; want to go to a city, because miss the people there. For a moment; but again unwilling to mention, just because the injured heart, deeply touched the heart of paiCCIBA. I thought, memories, that time can be forgotten, however, more extended deeper. In fact; I know the text can always understand me, understand all my feelings, because I love writing, writing; love me, I love the word that ancient writing, that the affective dialogue, I love writing, unknown to talk, I prefer the light during a write sorrow. As the river of years long passage of time, such as the song to sing. Whether; sadness had had time to look, only the end of happinessMen fashion?

In those years; we all have a dream, has the dream, the hearts of the rigid, there was hurt and pain. In those years; we have the hearts of a unknown emotion, love a person is to love yourself. With that, everything is worth it, many years later, when once again, in memory of roll over, only to find, at that time, those who reside in the memories of the story, funny and naive, so a happy once, long in the memory of the color, at the time of the change yellow leaves, such as, once, once, always later later, we all know, there is always a sad, do not want to mention.

On-demand delivery startup Jinn pulls out of ‘other markets outside London’

Jinn, the U.K. same-hour ‘shop on your behalf’ delivery app, has pulled out of all markets outside London, TechCrunch has learned. According to sources, the startup shut down operations in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds as of yesterday, whilst I understand the Spanish team may have been let go, too phone covers.
In an emailed statement, Jinn founder Mario Navarro confirmed that the company has pulled out of other markets outside London. “As we continue our path towards profitability, we have decided to focus our operations in London, where we currently receive over 90% of our orders. With the objective of being profitable before the end of the year, we have temporarily paused our activity in other markets”.
The “pausing” of operations — startup speak for withdrawing from a market — offers an interesting counterpoint to what Navarro told TechCrunch in May when the company raised $10 million in further funding, capital it planned to use to continue to grow and “consolidate its presence in its main markets”. As of today, those main markets have shrunk considerably cloud computing hong kong.
It is also not clear if Jinn’s latest round was based on tranches or contingent on certain milestones or KPIs being met. I also understand efforts are underway to refocus Jinn’s strategy towards B2B on-demand delivery, rather than a purely B2C push, which Navarro also confirmed.
“We will also start offering an integrated B2B solution for our business partners,” he tells TechCrunch. “We expect this to be an area of strong growth for our business, as an increasing number of retailers are looking to improve their delivery solution, to compete against large e-commerce websites.”
That, of course, puts Jinn much more up against rival Quiqup, for example, which recently became the partner powering U.K. supermarket chain Tesco’s on same-hour delivery service, amongst a number of prominent B2B partnerships.
“[Quiqup] is killing it on that side of things, hard to compete now with their latest round of funding of $20m,” is how one source put it to me. “They were the quiet kids in the corner not disclosing amounts and partnerships early. Everyone within the industry just disregarded them completely. Was a big shock and surprise when they raised that big round Wigs for Cancer Patients Bright Hopes. They perfected the model and made sure the unit economics worked and then thought about scale”.


1、 在做米飯時,如用的是陳米,在淘過米之後,可在米中加少量水的同時,加入4分之一或5分之一的啤酒,與米中的水混合後蒸出來的Frankley Mart米飯香甜,且有光澤,如同新米。

2、 炒雞蛋。在炒雞蛋時,如果在下鍋之前往攪拌的雞蛋中滴幾滴白酒,炒出的雞蛋松軟、光亮,有鮮嫩感。
3、 如果燒稀飯時不小心糊鍋了,鍋底有鍋巴,在洗刷時不易刷掉的情況下,可倒入少許白酒或啤酒與少量水混合,蓋蓋放一邊五分鐘後再洗涮就會容易地case for samsung galaxy刷洗幹淨。
4、 如果你在做菜時不小心醋放得多了,你可往菜中再加點酒(幾滴,可根據醋放入量多少來加酒),可使原有醋的酸味減輕。
5、 如果在做菜時,火腿用不完,夏天炎熱不宜存放,可在開口處塗些葡萄酒tooth implant,包好後放入冰箱便於存放,且可保持原有口味。


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